Could your management team be the new owners of your business?


When you have worked hard to build up a successful business it is natural to feel uncertain about selling it. But what if you could pass it on to a team of trusted and reliable individuals who are already involved in the business?

Management buyouts (MBOs), where the existing managers acquire all or a large part of the company, are often over-looked by owners but can offer several advantages for both the seller and the company itself. Read More

IGF hails significant growth since BIMBO


SamCorp is delighted to see such significant growth for Independent Growth Finance (IGF) following their BIMBO last year.

Since securing a multimillion-pound investment from private equity firm Spring Ventures in March 2016 IGF has reported a 273% increase in funds out, with a total of £47.3m provided to businesses across the UK.

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