Company Sales

A company sale can represent the single most important and valuable transaction in the life of its owner, with only one chance to get it right. We're here to make it happen.

Whatever your current position, as a business owner you may one day want to sell your business.

The disposal of a company can be for any number of reasons, including a retirement, a succession issue, a venture capitalist looking to exit, or simply reaching a point where the business requires the support of a larger group to provide further investment and opportunities for expansion. It may be that an approach has been received from a potential purchaser, or in the case of a subsidiary, the parent company may be focusing on core activities, refinancing its business or in need of cash for investment elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, the key to a successful sale is to start planning your exit as early as possible.

What we offer

  • Tailored advice to businesses across all sectors
  • Business valuation
  • Financial, commercial and operational grooming in preparation for the sale
  • Negotiate terms with purchaser
  • Access to buyers in the UK and around the world

How we can help

By appointing SamCorp as your specialist adviser we will ensure that:

  • Your business is optimally positioned for sale 
  • All sale options are investigated – UK buyers, international buyers, financial institutions, private investors
  • You have a high quality, credible Information Memorandum to present to potential purchasers
  • The best price and terms are negotiated
  • The whole process is effectively and competently project-managed

Selling Your Business FAQs

When should I start preparing to sell my business?

It is never too early to start planning your exit. Ideally, the process should be started several years in advance. Even if you don’t want to sell now, you should still consider what your eventual plans are for the company.

What is 'grooming'?

“Grooming” a business, enables the owner to present the company in the best possible light. The objective is to ensure that the business is optimally positioned for sale and that any key issues that could affect value are addressed well in advance.

A key aspect of the grooming process is to identify the likely purchasers of the business and to address those issues most likely to be of importance to the eventual purchaser.

Other key considerations in the grooming process, which should be considered well in advance and addressed as necessary, include:

  • Management structure and strength of management team
  • A business plan which shows growth beyond the expected timing of sale
  • Customer relationships and product / service quality issues
  • Achieving a track record of improved profitability, through cost reductions and other profit improvement measures
  • Extracting surplus assets or property
  • Efficient management of working capital to generate positive cashflow
  • Tax issues
  • Environmental, health and safety, regulatory and pension issues

With adequate preparation, the sale process invariably runs much more smoothly and the ability to maximise price is greatly enhanced.

The sale process includes four main phases with individual objectives:

I can't commend SamCorp and especially Darren Hurdle highly enough. Darren worked tirelessly with myself and the team at Grays, through long nights and long weekends over many months. He rolled up his sleeves, immersed himself into the detail and acted as the lynch pin between all parties, dealing with all aspects of a very complex situation to secure the best outcome for all.

Keith Mathis - Grays Truck Centre

Selling a business can be a tricky, taxing, technical and emotional process. Having the expertise and support of Kevin and SamCorp really was a great help. I would happily recommend their services.

Philip Stevens - ASQ Education

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